I picked up Studs Terkel‘s Race and Working again, after decades since I first read them as a young person, and again, I was as entranced by the accounts told about by people about their lives and views as I was then.

And I am just as fascinated by the many people I interview in my job as a journalist. There is never enough time, or enough space to give them in our pages or within the water-treading life that is my job.

Lastly, I wish there was time for epilogues, or augmentations to the Facebook posts I see form friends, or by friends of friends or strangers when they muse on the world. Lot of good stuff happening there, but in a couple of days, it’s wiped from our minds.

And so, I decided to launch the everydays, a website very different to itsgoingok.com, where I have a soapbox all my own. This time, I am turning the microphone, or giving the notepad to other people in response to weekly questions left hanging on the edge of their thoughts until the time is ripe, and they reply in words and images, video, sound recordings, or music.

Please contact me if you would like to participate in the everydays project.