I am 47 and live on the outskirts of Chicago, USA (in Oak Park). I didn’t expect to return, in mid-life, to the town where I grew up, but I’m delighted to be here. Oak Park is diverse and smart and a good place for kids to attend school. Other places I have lived, sometimes for many years, include Beijing, Thailand, Connecticut, Indiana, Minnesota, France. I have been serious about writing since I was eight or nine. Mostly poetry has captured my heart, but I also write essays and fiction. I was a teacher for many years–sometimes of poetry, sometimes of prose. I am now working in marketing, still happily playing with words. I live with my two teen daughters and my dog. I’m an extrovert who loves to snuggle on my couch and read. I’m always on the go-go-go–until I’m not. I’m a cancer survivor and a survivor of sexual abuse, but those aren’t the first or even 10th things folks would know about me. In addition to children and dog, I live with my guitar, a well-stocked kitchen, and many books as well as cozy pillows and copious house plants. Speaking of books, I finally published my first this past spring: Some Perfect Year. It’s poetry.

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