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Time off

We’re wrapping the everydays for the indefinite future.  The site launched not quite a year ago to give a voice people with opinions and an urge to be creative. I want to thank every single person who has taken the time and effort to share their thoughts, and all of you who have stopped by

What a difference a change makes?

THE QUESTION: Has a piece of modern technology changed your life?   ROSS As I delve into this question I become increasingly aware that technology changes our life in many ways every day. Often we are not even aware of the technology or the way it has transformed us on a personal level and as a

Our own epilogues

THE QUESTION: Do you believe there is an afterlife, and why?   JIM I’m just not sure how it would work. CATHERINE There have to be answers out there somewhere…   Right?   Because I want to know why.   Why can’t dogs live to be 70? And how come there are so many bugs? I mean, do


THE QUESTION: What is your earliest memory?   CATHERINE Shabbona is a small village in DeKalb County, Illinois. The population was 925 at the 2010 census. I almost grew up there. My parents had been looking for a house, and came upon the one in this photo. Dad made an offer. They accepted. Everything was

The difference is Y

Question: What, in your opinion, is the main difference between men and women?   JIM  To be scared or not to be…the difference between the fearsomes and the things that are feared. There’s a monster in the crawlspace, there’s a door that won’t latch, do these clothes make an outfit, have I made the right choice,

Daily Everests

THIS WEEK’S QUESTION: What challenge do you have to overcome each day?    TINA  As a parent we all want our offspring to grow up big and strong, of mind and body. It’s not always a easy journey but a journey nonetheless. In every home, I’m generalising here, I imagine there is a wall somewhere which is a

Haven’t we been here before?

We’ve been on hiatus for a few weeks, and before the cast returns next week, here are two submissions from frequent contributors on the following question:   What is the most serious dilemma facing the children in your country today?  JUDY I am not sure what the most serious dilemma facing children today is. Each


QUESTION: How long is now?    ROSS I imagine that any answer to this question will depend on a person’s individual perspective. It can be a simple answer or a complicated one. An existentialist probably thinks that now lasts forever. Now is always with us, even if the events that compose now are ever changing.

From little things, big things grow

The Question: How similar is your life today to the life you imagined as a child?   MARG The innocence of childhood allowed me to believe that I would grow up to be a vet who had a large cattle farm and spent half the day riding horses. My farm house had a large kitchen with