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I’m a writer and marketer based in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

I use the term “writer” loosely as I’m still finding my voice and experimenting with different writing styles. All I know is that it keeps me sane!

Being just a little obsessed with the Law of Attraction, I have an interest in everything related to the power of the mind. Please feel free to check out my blog:

-Allison Ross



My name is Judy. You see me here in a self-portrait by proxy. My night table is me today.

I am not at my color-between-the-lines best in this picture.  Just unguarded during a week in which my brother died and the wrong candidate, Donald Trump got elected president. Yes, I am an American. Apologies for the Trump thing.

There are pill bottles on the table for thyroid, blood pressure and an industrial size container of ibuprofen for the aches and pains acquired during the rough and tumble of six plus decades. Lens cleaner for reading glasses and no-line trifocals.  Lotion for dry skin. Lip balm for dry lips. The old gray mare. There is also a little notebook and several pencils on the table.  The notebook is a promise to myself. To write.


img_0364My name is Pat Jamen. I am a 47 year old US Postal carrier. I currently live in Wheaton, IL USA.

I spent almost 20 years as a dispatcher for the Chicago police department and several suburban departments. I am married and the proud father of three amazing kids.

My children are good students, good athletes, and excellent artists. My wife and I are happy to be raising them in a wonderful community.


serena-eng-suranyiI am 47 years old and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago from a hard working Chinese family. I now live in a suburb outside of San Francisco, CA somewhat similar to my childhood though much more diverse.

I have an artistic slant, have always been cautious in life and am known to wear my heart on my sleeve.

I am also a big believer of what goes around comes around and try to live a large part of my life with that in mind.


marg-littlerI am a 55 yo female living in Victoria, Australia. Originally from the UK, I have lived here for 50 years. I am the only member of my family that has not returned to the UK at some stage, I have never felt the pull that has drawn the others ‘home’.

More than once I have been described as a private person, and that sits well with me. I’m more likely to be found watching a herd of cattle or horses graze, or watching a lizard or bird, than I am to be seen at a social function. I chose this particular photo for the feeling of peace I get from it.


cameronI am 47 and live on the outskirts of Chicago, USA (in Oak Park). I didn’t expect to return, in mid-life, to the town where I grew up, but I’m delighted to be here. Oak Park is diverse and smart and a good place for kids to attend school.

Other places I have lived, sometimes for many years, include Beijing, Thailand, Connecticut, Indiana, Minnesota, France. I have been serious about writing since I was eight or nine. Mostly poetry has captured my heart, but I also write essays and fiction. I was a teacher for many years–sometimes of poetry, sometimes of prose. I am now working in marketing, still happily playing with words. I live with my two teen daughters and my dog. I’m an extrovert who loves to snuggle on my couch and read. I’m always on the go-go-go–until I’m not.

I’m a cancer survivor and a survivor of sexual abuse, but those aren’t the first or even 10th things folks would know about me. In addition to children and dog, I live with my guitar, a well-stocked kitchen, and many books as well as cozy pillows and copious house plants. Speaking of books, I finally published my first this past spring: Some Perfect Year. It’s poetry.


My name is Andrew. I am 56. I live in a very small satellite town called Wurruk (the name means earth in the local indigenous language, Kurnai). Wurruk is on the outskirts of a small city (population 15000) in southeastern Victoria, Australia. Sale is about 200km (150 or so miles) from the capital city of Victoria, Melbourne.

andrew-readI guess you could say I’m semi retired, because I resigned from work in March 2015, but I went to Bermuda to work in May 2015 and returned home in April 2016 when my contract ended. I am have recently applied for another job in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Not that I need to work in reality. I can comfortably live off my superannuation (retirement benefit), but I sometimes feel the need to do something meaningful.


ross-headshotMy name is Ross Jacobs I grew up in Sydney, but now I live in northern west New South Wales, Australia with my wife, Michele, four dogs, eight horses, fish, chickens and ducks. Our home is off the beaten track and quite isolated. Which is its best quality.

I was an academic who worked for many years researching the role of hormones in the fetus that triggered birth, in the hope we could understand premature birth. About 22 years ago I left science and started a new career as a horse trainer of both performance and pleasure horses. Now I teach people how to do what I do with their own horses. The upside is that I love working with the horses and the downside is that it forces me to be away from home too much.


15044709_10209727763942339_1853464954_oTheo’s in kindergarten and his teacher is a big Cubs fan, so Theo is a big Cubs fan. He’s sleeping now and doesn’t know that they won. He’s living in a world where they might not have won but he’s ok with sleeping, so he’s ok with what he isn’t hoping for which is a win. He’ll be asking in the morning if they won. And for this fair weather fan, it’ll be oh so exciting to see his face when he finds out that what he hoped for has indeed happened. And I’ll have to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t confident enough in the outcome to wake him up after the rain delay so that he could enjoy the victory as it happened…. Maybe next year, maybe next year…

Yep, and yet for this five year old to live in a world where the only US president is Obama and maybe Hillary and to live in a world where the Cubs are champions, the outlook, the future must be different.


dsc03870a-001In the middle of life, and the middle of a lot of difficult decisions. I have been plagued for as long as I can remember with a deficit of long-term vision. It makes it hard to see the bigger picture when it comes to my own life. I seem to be always chasing tomorrow, but I feel incredibly moved by today. It’s a bad combination.

I’m Michèle Jedlicka, 47 in December, and was born and raised on the borders of Chicago. I have lived in Australia since 2003. For the moment, I am the editor of a group of regional newspapers for a large Australian media corporation. I have asked to step down to be a journalist again, because connecting to people and the issues of each day helps to keep me on track.



I’m Julie, a lover of nature, art and stories.  Ready for a new adventure, I left my career in corporate finance at the end of 2015 and started on this meandering journey of returning to myself.  I’m a sucker for personal non-fiction that reveals the depth of the human condition through everyday living.

In midlife, I live in Chicago with my two teenage sons and our Australian mix, Cooper. I do financial consulting to pay the bills. When home, I walk the dog, assist with homework, cook, and sit on the back porch at my computer… writing and wondering when I’ll find time to take that stained glass class. I’m happy to be here.