How it works

The everydays is a fluid project. Basically, each week, there is a new question, and people can choose to send in a contribution in response to that question.

The response might be in words (limited to 200 words), or (no limit on) photos, drawings, video, spoken word, music, a combination of things. You can ask a friend or family member to take part, record them with your device (with their permission please!), include a photo to accompany the audio and send them to us.

Once you have your bits and pieces ready, send them in and we will post. Posts generally go up on Mondays. The site is evolving as it grows.

We’ve also just launched (as of May 2017) a weekly photo gallery which illustrate a theme. Just like the regular questions, the world is welcome to submit their photo. With your image, send in the photographer’s name (age if you like) and where you’re from. You can also share a description of what you were thinking about when you took the image and how it realtes to that week’s theme.

Or, give your camera or phone to a child or senior in your life, and they can also take part. Photos will be shared on Facebook unless you ask otherwise, and then compiled into a weekly gallery here.

If you plan to be a fairly regular contributor, we’d love to have an image you’d like submit, of yourself, or something that represents you or your life, and a brief biography. We will publish your last name in the bio section unless you ask otherwise, and if you would like your blog or website linked to the bio, that’s no problem. 

There is no deadline for old questions – you can answer anything that came before and it will be posted at the top of the page. 

For new questions, the deadline for all contributions is Sunday evening, US Eastern Standard Time. All contributions can be made to :, or shared as a Facebook page message.

Any questions? Same email. No age restrictions, but if you’re younger than 16, I’d like a parental/school ok if possible. 

This is a site for voices. If you’re not artistic or feel you’re not particularly creative, who cares? Everybody has something to say, every day. This is a place to do just that.