Theo’s in kindergarten and his teacher is a big Cubs fan, so Theo is a big Cubs fan. He’s sleeping now and doesn’t know that they won. He’s living in a world where they might not have won but he’s ok with sleeping, so he’s ok with what he isn’t hoping for which is a win. He’ll be asking in the morning if they won. And for this fair weather fan, it’ll be oh so exciting to see his face when he finds out that what he hoped for has indeed happened. And I’ll have to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t confident enough in the outcome to wake him up after the rain delay so that he could enjoy the victory as it happened…. Maybe next year, maybe next year… Yep, and yet for this five year old to live in a world where the only US president is Obama and maybe Hillary and to live in a world where the Cubs are champions, the outlook, the future must be different.

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