Time off

We’re wrapping the everydays for the indefinite future.  The site launched not quite a year ago to give a voice people with opinions and an urge to be creative. I want to thank every single person who has taken the time and effort to share their thoughts, and all of you who have stopped by

In the wee small hours

THE QUESTION:  What keeps you awake at night?   CATHERINE In my teens I worked hard to perfect a bedtime routine that allowed me to fall asleep in under ten minutes. Because of that, nothing keeps me from drifting off quickly. I settle in, close my eyes, and…I’m out in short order. Apparently I should

Sticking it to the stork

THE QUESTION: At what age, and how did you learn where babies come from?   JUDY When I was four or so, my grandma told me a story about a farmer’s wife who went out in the garden and found a baby under a cabbage leaf. My mother had a garden but no cabbages still I

What a difference a change makes?

THE QUESTION: Has a piece of modern technology changed your life?   ROSS As I delve into this question I become increasingly aware that technology changes our life in many ways every day. Often we are not even aware of the technology or the way it has transformed us on a personal level and as a

Endless golden shimmer

THE QUESTION: What is your favorite childhood memory of summer?   JUDY Summer 1957 I was seven when my family went camping for the first time. The six-month run-up included monthly arrivals of gear to our home ordered from Sears Roebuck. Sleeping bags and air mattresses, a camp stove and a green canvas umbrella tent that

Raging questions

THE QUESTION: Did something make you really angry this week, and what made that happen? If not, why not?   MICHÈLE Dear Donald, You and I haven’t met, and likely, we never will meet. But I’m angry. I have been following your twitter feed, even though I don’t have an account any more, but I’ve been

Our own epilogues

THE QUESTION: Do you believe there is an afterlife, and why?   JIM I’m just not sure how it would work. CATHERINE There have to be answers out there somewhere…   Right?   Because I want to know why.   Why can’t dogs live to be 70? And how come there are so many bugs? I mean, do


THE QUESTION: What is your earliest memory?   CATHERINE Shabbona is a small village in DeKalb County, Illinois. The population was 925 at the 2010 census. I almost grew up there. My parents had been looking for a house, and came upon the one in this photo. Dad made an offer. They accepted. Everything was

Marshalling life’s parade

QUESTION:  What is leadership, and when did you learn that?   CATHERINE As an oldest child I knew what leadership was from an early age. It basically comes down to understanding people in a group well enough to have them sign on for (and participate in) a shared vision. And from there–it’s taking care of them

Definition of a character

QUESTION: What character from any book would you like to be, and why?   JIM Words: “Did his mother leave him nothing, then?” asked Herbert, in pained surprise. “Nothing at all,” assured Mark, complacently. “That is very strange and unjust.” “I don’t look upon it in that light.” Excerpt from: Horatio Alger, Making His Way  Video

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