In-between and all along

The Question: More a task. Can you capture in photos with captions, describe in written ‘snapshots’, or even in video, three events in the next few days which illustrate the reality of your life?   JIM Ways of Seeing John Berger – Forest for the trees for the tree in the forests   CAMERON Monday If

Visions of idealism

The Question: Idealistic perhaps, but what one thing (or things) do you wish would change for your life, or for the world, in 2017?   ROSS The question of what I would do to make the world a better place for individuals has been on my mind for a long time – maybe thirty years. I

When it isn’t always magic

The Question: Whether you are observing the coming holidays, or you are not, is there a difficult memory you associate with this time of year?    MARG I have procrastinated about this all week, but I know I need to write it. I come from a small family that consists of myself, my parents and my 

Three things (or less)

The Question: You are banished from the world you know for a year on a desert island, with your food and water, clothing, shelter, toiletries, all taken care of. You are allowed three items. What do you bring along?   MARG Three things that are already taken care of. Tomatoes, what would my life be without

If only

The Question: You know that moment you wish you had the just the right response to really make your point, a zinger, but it only came to you after the conversation? It’s maddening. But, can you relate a time when those words really did come to you in the heat of the moment, or the time

After the election

The Question: Has the recent US presidential election affected you? If so, how, and if not, why?   ANDREW You would think that because I live on the other side of the world, that something as remote as the US presidential election would have no bearing on my life. However, it has a little bearing

A place to find joy

The Question: At the age you are today, do you have a go-to place to find joy? And if so, what is it, and how often do you have the chance to feel that joy? If not, what’s in the way? JUDY Me and my shadow – Happiness and sorrow. My mama made me my favorite cherry

Mid-air, mid-life

Maybe it’s my age, nearly 47 and that growing realization that I am really at the mid-point of life but unaware; concerned but oblivious. Life is still pretty quality stuff, but it has a definable end now, and I feel an urgency. There is a lot yet to learn. Kind of swinging in the middle

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